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I love all things Miqo'te and Au Ra

Also I'm 27 years old.

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komaron asked:

I didn't call you. I just told you what I was planning. And G'raha destroyed the surprise. *throws in some kittens anyway that go wild in the catnip*

*suspiciously stares at you*

komaron asked:

GOD DAMN IT G'RAHA. I wanted to surprise you with a bunch of kittens being high on catnip. :<

Did you just..?

komaron asked:

Oh you know why I'm doing this? Who told you? IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A SURPRISE

The reason is simple.


komaron asked:

*puts catnip in here*

@komaron: But if Celie is the lady of anger
and Sim the man of anger
what would they be together?
Me: A disaster

Me: Writing a one off about Kheda'a searching for Ibe and he finds her in Central Coerthas in the observatory talking to Celie who showed her around a bit.

Also me: Joking around with @komaron about Ibe asking Celie about advice due to the engagement ring on her hand and Celie being like "Sorry I'm not the one to give proper advice" and going away. With Yvelont following her like "Hey wait." After he told Ibe about what happened.

My brain: "So what if she and Yvelont.. despite their pasts.."

Me: "STOP"